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APCAM 2020 Call for Abstracts

Submissions for APCAM 2020 have closed.

The meeting will occur on Thursday, November 19th, 2020. Although originally scheduled to take place in Austin, Texas, USA, APCAM 2020 will now be a virtual meeting that will take place entirely online. Once you have paid your APCS membership dues/APCAM registration fee, you will be able to access the APCAM 2020 program and Zoom meeting room link on the Member Sign-In page.

Conference Registration

To support the mission of APCS, AP&C and APCAM, there will be a $30 fee for APCAM conference registration again this year (*waived for undergraduate students). This fee will serve as your annual dues to APCS; the membership will cover APCAM program materials, provide you with an individual subscription to AP&C for the following year, permit you to access reduced open-access publication fees for AP&C, and allow you to take part in member discussions about all three entities at the conference (see the membership page for details). For more details about APCS Membership, see the membership page.

Brief Report Submission

Authors of submissions to this year's APCAM will have the opportunity to subsequently submit a brief report about their presented work for possible publication in our affiliate journal, Auditory Perception & Cognition (AP&C). A special issue of AP&C is slated for the spring that will be dedicated to highlighting work from this year's APCAM within a series of brief reports.

There are a several key elements to keep in mind about this opportunity. The requested brief reports are not to be confused with traditional conference proceedings papers. They are longer, with an expected length of around 5 pages each within the journal, which translates roughly to 10 APA-formatted pages of main body (i.e., introduction through discussion) at the time of submission. Additionally, the submissions will be subject to peer-review, which often is absent from proceedings papers. Thus, publication is not guaranteed at the time of submission. However, as with conference proceedings papers, authors should still be able to submit at a later date a full-sized paper based upon their work to either AP&C or another journal. This would simply require that the larger paper reflect a sufficient increase in content (whether it be through the inclusion of additional data, theoretical development, or analyses).

The deadline for submission of a brief report for consideration in the special issue of AP&C is January 15. After APCAM, AP&C co-editors Michael Hall and Mike Russell will be sending a single follow-up message with further details about submissions to contributing authors. To receive this message, you will need to indicate your intention to submit a brief report at the time you submit your APCAM abstract. If you failed to indicate that intention and would still like to submit a report for the special issue, then simply e-mail Michael or Mike (hallmd@jmu.edu or mike.russell@washburn.edu) directly indicating your interest.