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All abstracts should be submitted online on the EasyChair submission site for the conference. If an author does not have an easychair.org account, it will be necessary to create a (free) account prior to submission.

Submissions should include an abstract of 300 words or less, the title of the proposed presentation, names and affiliations for all contributing authors as they should appear in the conference program, and e-mail contact information for the primary/submitting author.

Each submission also should indicate whether there is a preference for an oral or poster presentation. The committee will make every effort to accommodate presentation preferences, though it may not be possible to honor all requests. If there are more accepted abstracts with an oral presentation preference than there are available presentation slots, preference will be given to papers judged to represent the strongest contributions, as well as to participants who did not deliver an oral presentation at the immediately preceding APCAM.

Additionally, the Organizing Committee welcomes proposals representing either a cluster of 3-4 related abstracts or a (45 to 60 minute) panel discussion on a unified topic. Related abstracts should be submitted separately, along with a separate abstract (also 300 words or less) from the proposal's coordinating author. Proposals for panel discussions only require this latter type of abstract. The abstract from the coordinating author should indicate the motivation for, and the nature of, the proposed session, including a brief overview of the fundamental issues that it hopes to address. A list of contributing authors for the session also should be provided, along with a brief statement about what each author will discuss. Preference will be given to proposed sessions that cut across research domains and that have important theoretical implications and/or practical applications.

The deadline for submission of abstracts and program proposals is September 23, 2019.

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