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APCS Member Sign-in

New members: Choose a sign-in option below to create an account and join APCS. Once you have paid your membership fee, you will be able to register for this year's APCAM meeting by entering your information into the name badge form.

Undergraduate Members: Registration for APCAM is free for undergraduate students. To register, please sign-in using the option below to create an account with APCS. Once you have created an account, please email Jenny Roche (jroche3@kent.edu) so that she may update your membership status. Once your membership status is updated — it may take a few days — you will be able to register for the APCAM meeting.

Current members: Memberships from 2023 will expire on September 1, 2024 and your account will be reset. To be current at the upcoming November meeting, please rejoin after September 15, 2024 — even if you are not attending the conference, please consider rejoining for $30 (grad student) or $40 (post-docs/faculty) to remain a current member of the society. As a member, you get all the membership benefits, such as free access to the AP&C journal and discounts on their open-access fee, eligibility for elections, and the newsletter.

If you have paid your dues but the login the system indicates you still need to pay, you may have associated your paid dues with a different email address. For help resolving any login or membership issues please contact Jenny Roche (jroche3@kent.edu)